South Gwinnett High School PSTA DAYS  Parents , Teachers, Students and Staff  Join us each month for PTSA DAY. This is a full day of support and participation at SGHS. You will learn about upcoming opportunities and see all the great things students,...

Student Forum

South Gwinnett High School Student Forum Students have a voice...Let us hear what you have to say! SGHS Student Forum is a student lead forum hosted by PTSA. Each month SGHS Student leaders and special guest gather to discuss issues and offer resolutions to school...

General Meeting

South Gwinnett High School PSTA General Body Meeting  Parents , Teachers, Students and Staff  South Gwinnett PTSA  invites you to join us for our GENERAL MEETING. Parents, Teachers, Staff and Students will have the opportunity to learn about key priorities proposed by...

Student Ambassadors Program

SGHS PSTA Parent Ambassadors Program A great way for students to be involved at South Gwinnett High School. The PTSA at South Gwinnett High School is recruiting student ambassadors to participate in our PTSA Student Forum for the current school year. What is the...

Parent Ambassadors Program

Parent Ambassadors Program A great way for parents/guardians to be involved at one of our South Gwinnett Cluster Schools. We are recruiting parent ambassadors to serve on our Parent Council for the current school year for each of our cluster schools. Britt Elementary...

School Based Enterprise

South Gwinnett High School School Based Enterprises  Exposing students to real-world business opportunities in project-based learning environments. SGHS school-based enterprises (SBE) is are entrepreneurial operations located within our school that provide...

Strategic Plan 2017-19

South Gwinnett High School 2017-19 Strategic Plan South Gwinnett PTSA Strategic Plans for 2017-19. The 2017-19 Executive Board of  the SGHS PTSA is comitted to restoring the integrity and financial status of its PTSA so that it may best serve our students, teachers,...

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Every Child in Focus reinforces National PTA’s mission to advocate for every child—with one voice. It is our goal to ensure all families feel invited and welcomed within PTSA. We are committed to equipping every family with the tools to support their child and advocate for continual improvements within our school.



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Our Past Trails Behind Us Like A Comet’s Tail
The Future
 is Stretched Out Before Us Like the Universe .”

-Jonathan Troper